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IT Consultancy

  • Computers today have become essential for almost all businesses. The humble PC has now become a powerful tool that helps us run accounting packages, stock control, cost efficient correspondence through E-mail, effective advertising through the Internet. Therefore many organisations recognise the value of running a business efficiently and effectively. This has brought about a high need for IT specialists to keep these systems running effectively. IITS can help you identify the inefficiencies and assess your information needs. A proposal is then written on the most effective yet cost effective way to implement and execute your network and information architecture. Our solution comes as a complete package. This includes all hardware requirements such as Computers, Printers and other IT related hardware. IITS specialises in providing you with the solution rather than just a computer to fulfil all your needs. Being a solution provider we listen to your requirements then produce a total solution to streamline your business in this new age of cyber power. This allows you to focus on your business & not worry about the IT issues.

PC Repairs & Upgrades

  • The world of computer technology improves everyday and from a business sense, growing with change is vital for your organisations survival. Whether it's to be one step ahead of your competitors and to simply take advantage of today's modern technology. IITS can provide your business with simple & cost effective solutions on how to upgrade, manage or restructure your business computer network. Minimise down time on computer failures, we can replace faulty parts quickly and in your home or office at a time to suit you.

Hardware & Software Solutions

  • From listening to our customers we are in a unique position to offer a full range of innovative products to meet your demanding IT needs. From all types of available hardware to the simplest off-the-shelf software program, IITS will find you the best possible product and integrate the hardware and/or software into your IT business structure. Regular backups are a crucial part of any computer system but surprisingly many people either don't get around to it or find that their backups are useless because they weren't performed correctly or tested on a regular scheduled basis. Your company's data/information is an important asset so it should be protected in case of disasters.

Network Installations & Administration

  • We can take care of all your networking requirements through a combination of technologies and methods. With years of experience in Windows networking, IITS can advise on installation, performance tuning, migration, Internet connectivity and network security issues. But the service doesn't stop there, at a small cost IITS will provide continued networking support.

Website Development and Maintenance

Database Design and Programming

  • Need a database for your client or product information? Using Microsoft Access, IITS can create an easy to use database in no time and at a very low cost. Most off-the-shelf database programs on the market aren't flexible to cater for specific business requirements. By lettings us know what specific requirements your business database needs we can come up with the ideal solution through design and programming.

Application and Desktop Support

  • Can't get that label to line up properly? Migrating MS Excel tables into your MS Word document giving you problems? Or not sure if the new software you purchased is compatible with your computer? Simple desktop support such as these and many more are provided by IITS . Your computer system should be working for you and not against you. Let IITS provide you with the support to keep your computer working environment hassle free.

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